Stamp Duty Combines Street Designs With Vintage Indian Aesthetics

Stamp Duty Combines Street Designs With Vintage Indian Aesthetics
Image Courtesy: Stamp Duty

As fashion brands are embracing inclusivity by exploring unique identities, we see a wider spectrum of representation. The ranging visual aesthetics capture diverging perspectives by expanding the scope of conceptual exploration. Keeping the ethos relatable, many labels are revitalising overlooked personalities by centering campaigns around their untapped identity in fashion.

Stamp Duty is a street-inspired, gender-neutral, slow fashion label based in Mumbai. Their design philosophy is intuitive and eclectic, which explores contemporary silhouettes that draw from vintage Indian aesthetics. Established in 2022 by Jay Mehra, the ultramodern label is informed by a passion for culture, art, music, visual aesthetics and the everyday.

Image Courtesy: Stamp Duty

Their recent campaign puts a new face on the image of a hype-beast, featuring two elderly women casually sipping tea. It’s a refreshing display of the evolving nature of fashion imagery while capturing their streetwear collection, which is largely focused on youth-centric and unexplored identities.

In a pool of oversaturated content that plays with high contrast and a rather avant-garde aesthetic, these images bring back the comfort of effortless style intersected with South Asian artistic taste while offering outfit inspirations inspired by classic symbols of our society –– the Indian aunty in all her authentic glory.

As the inventive brand aspires to leave a ‘stamp’ of expression on the cultural collective, this campaign reflects a slow shift towards making our spaces more inclusive as well as a shift in the visual language of street style; making it relatable, engaging, and accessible while maintaining original design thinking.

Find more about the brand here.

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