Courage & Goodwill: A Heart-Warming Video Story On Frontline COVID Workers

Courage & Goodwill: A Heart-Warming Video Story On Frontline COVID Workers

Even though the pandemic has distanced us physically, it has made us all the more aware of our dependence on each other. There is a renewed sense of solidarity as we walk through one of the most difficult times of the 21st century. According to statistics, there have been 1.16 million people affected by COVID all over India, out of which 700,000 have recovered and above 28,000 have died. The figures are not set in stone and are increasing by the hour. The estimates are scary, but what stands out is the continuous service of the essential service providers who have been at the frontline of COVID management.

As an ode to those people who have offered their services to civilians at the cost of their own lives, artists @Munir__bukhari and @dostreetart have designed a mural at the iconic Mahim Junction, one of the busiest railway stations on the Western Line in Mumbai. A symbol of the courage and determination of these heroes, the mural serves as a reminder of how selflessly these people have served the nation in its hour of need.

If you haven’t been able to go visit the mural in the current precarious situation, do check out the video that has been made as a collaborative effort by Asian Paints and Start India as a mark of gratitude to the frontline workers.

You can have a look at the video here.

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