Step Inside Bengaluru’s First Vegan Backpacker Hostel

Step Inside Bengaluru’s First Vegan Backpacker Hostel

As idealistic as veganism and eco-conscious living sounds, it sure does come with a hefty cost. Adopting this lifestyle, especially in India, is not easy and definitely not super affordable. Keeping this consumer trend in mind, entrepreneurs and vegan practitioners Lakshman Badami and Vanessa Zwick birthed a brand that brings the essence of this culture to a larger audience through their entirely vegan backpacker hostel.

BE ANIMAL is one of the only few hostels of its kind in the country. Located in the quainter parts of bustling Koramangala, the founders instantly became a hit with the vegan community in the city for hosting their signature vegan brunches.

A striking element about this brunch is that no one dish has ever been repeated in the 22 successful editions that the founders have hosted so far. In a challenge to bust popular myths on vegan food being bland and repetitive, Vanessa and Lakshman have toiled hard to innovate and keep up with their challenge meticulously.

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Beyond veganism, the hostel dutifully adopts every sustainability practice as it can. From organic waste segregation to recycling waste water and to sourcing pre-loved, salvaged furniture and more; BE ANIMAL is a brand that leads by action.

The minimal yet aesthetically-pleasing hostel draws in travellers and inquisitive minds from all over to explore and rediscover the city and the country’s ecological problems. The brunches are often paired with rejuvenating meditation sessions, dance and vegan workshops, and more.

Due to its growing success, BE ANIMAL has also taken its homemade vegan products to online shopping portals where it sells its exciting range of plant-based cheesecakes, vegan munchies, and more.

You can visit Be Animal’s page here.

Shop BE ANIMAL’s gourmet products here.

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