Stories Of 11 Young Indians Who Are Leading Double Lives [Duality Vol. V]

Stories Of 11 Young Indians Who Are Leading Double Lives [Duality Vol. V]

“To lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced life.”


I. Aditi Ramesh | Quirky. Dreamer. Composed.

Corporate Lawyer/ Singer-songwriter

Aditi Ramesh

“Duality is knowing that there is more than one dimension to life and that exploration is the path to live life to the fullest.”

One line that inspires her:
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II. Aman Wadhwa | Entreprenartist. Driven. Sociable

Musician/ Entrepreneur

Aman Wadwa

“Duality is efficiently balancing out the left and right side of your brain. Being an artist and an entrepreneur at the same time can be quite conflicting as they require a different thought and decision-making process. However, knowing which role to play, and when, is the key to living a double life.”

One line that inspires him:

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III. Armaan Kapur | Restless. Romantic. Optimistic.

Entrepreneur/ Writer

Armaan Kapur

“Duality for me is like everything else. No experience is ever a single sensation, no one person is a single characteristic. Talent isn’t always a single word or occupation either, so why should my life be so simple?”

One line that inspires him:

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 IV. Ayesha Khan | Ambitious. Compassionate. Connector.

Lawyer/ Entrepreneur

Ayesha Khan

“Duality is being able to connect the dots and enjoy the process. As a lawyer with the government, I help them solve various development related problems that affect a large number of people in a way that is consistent with the law. With Ishqr, I help young Muslims solve the problem of not finding a suitable partner in a way that is consistent with Islamic principles.”

One line that inspires her:

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V. Chaitanya Mathur | Good Music. Beer. Positivity.

Entreprenuer/ Cricketer


 “Duality to me is getting to do what I love and loving what I do.”

One line that inspires him:

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VI. Komal Basith | Ambitious. Loyal. Passionate.

Entrepreneur / Boxer


"Duality is a natural and essential part of life." 

One line that inspires her:

“No guts no glory.”

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VII. Kyzeen Lala | Cheerful. Spontaneous. Bubblegum

Teacher/ Entreprenuer


"Duality is life-hungry."

One line that inspires her:
Oh, The Places You’ll Go

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VIII. Parnavi Karandikar | Inquisitive. Sensitive. Keen observer.

Architect/ Entrepreneur


“Duality is simply two sides of the same coin. Everyone leads a dual life. For some, one of it is latent but there. And for some, both are equally important, alive and makes the person who he/she is. I think I am the latter one”

One line that inspires her:

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IX. Preeti Vangani | Independent. Perceptive. Fun

Brand manager/ Poet

Preeti Vagnani

“There is a lot of joy and freedom that you can enjoy from a cross pollination of worlds, people, and ideas. This makes me lead two lives all the time.”

One line that inspires her:

X. Sehrish Qureshi | Photographer. Entrepreneur. Still exploring.

Photographer/ Entrepreneur


“Someone once told me not to bite off more than I could chew. I said that I'd rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity.”

On line that inspires her:

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XI. Shilavadra Bhattacharjee | Thrive In Panic.

Navigation Officer/ Artist Manager

Shilavadra Bhattacharjee

“Duality creates conundrum; conundrum paves the way towards reality; reality paves the way towards clarity.”

One line that inspires him:

Compiled by Krupa Joseph, Diva Garg and Raj Rege