Student Urges NCERT To Include Northeast History In Text Books

Student Urges NCERT To Include Northeast History In Text Books
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The recent racist remarks by a Punjabi YouTuber Paras Singh against Arunachal Pradesh has triggered a Twitter campaign demanding the inclusion of the “history, ethnicity, culture, lifestyle, personalities, natural resources and patriotism” of the northeastern states of India in the NCERT textbooks.

A video uploaded by Singh commented on former MP Ninong Ering’s appearance saying he did not “look Indian” and claimed that Arunachal Pradesh is not a part of India, but is in China.

Ashmita Bharadwaj, vice-president of Northeast Student Union (NESU) Vadodara said that educating the masses is the only viable solution to this kind of racism.

In a conversation with The Hindustan Times Ering said, “The way forward is the introduction of the northeast to mainland India. If some kind of knowledge on the northeast is provided at the primary or even secondary level, then such instances of racism would not be there. The students want to showcase northeast as part of India and they want to feel included. It is for a good cause.”

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