Summer Nostalgia: A Mumbai-Based Label Bringing Back Ice Cream Sandwiches

Tandy's Creamery
Tandy's Creamery@tandyscreamery

Founded in 2019, Jehan Mehta’s passion project came about after realising that there was a considerable dearth of ice cream sandwiches in the market. Their main competitor would be K Rustom’s iconic ice cream sandwiches, which were only available at their one location in Churchgate. Unlike other restaurants, they neither franchised nor evolved into a delivery + dining model.

That’s where Tandy’s Creamery comes in. Officially launched in 2020, Tandy’s was grown from a love of family and gourmet ice cream. Mehta realised that by delivering gourmet ice cream sandwiches which were high quality and delicious to boot across the city, he would be able to raise Mumbai’s iconic ice cream sandwich to new heights. Mehta and his partner Soham Jhaveri invested their own money into the endeavour, a risk that has clearly paid off. They began selling their ice cream sandwiches online, through word of mouth. Within the first two months, they had sold over a thousand sandwiches, and everything looked like it was coming up roses. However, just two months after the launch, the pandemic hit, and Mehta and Jhaveri had to find a quick way to pivot to stay afloat. So through their homegrown dairy creamery, they began a B2B wing supplying milk, paneer, and other dairy products to local businesses to combat the dairy shortage. Once restrictions began to cease, they saw an increase in both the B2B business and ice cream sales.

Image Courtesy: @tandyscreamery

Available on Zomato and Swiggy, Tandy’s Creamery provides their ice cream sandwiches at the nominal rate of INR 50. They want their sandwiches to be affordable so that they cater to the masses. Their ice creams are completely vegetarian and free of artificial flavouring, and they pride themselves on the high-quality ingredients being used to manufacture the wafer and the ice cream. In addition to the ice cream sandwiches, they also have 125 ml cups of ice cream as well as 750 ml tubs. From classic flavours like vanilla and chocolate, they also have a mint chocolate chip, rum and raisin, and salted caramel.

Speaking to marketing head Parinaz Kharas, she says that they have plans to expand very soon, with a new standalone outlet and new flavours, in addition to their 12 existing ones, as well as branching out to other cities in India. They also have 13 sale points around the city from where customers can pick up their products.

Today, Tandy’s Creamery receives around 700 retail orders for ice cream every month. From a small homegrown brand, Tandy’s is growing to be big competition to K Rustoms and other ice cream brands in India. Personally vouching for Tandy’s, this is one brand that will take you back to your childhood of eating ice cream sandwiches under the hot sun and the absolute decadent pleasure of having to lick the melted flavour off your fingers and hands.

Find them here.

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