Sustainable Menstruation For All: Project Surat Sews Cloth Pads For Underprivileged Women

(L) Project Surat ; Pinterest (R)
(L) Project Surat ; Pinterest (R)

Provision of menstrual products and menstrual hygiene has been a long-standing challenge for most of rural India, as a result of which many deserving girls lose out on education and opportunities.

Recognising this grave challenge, a collective from Surat has taken up the initiative of providing cloth pads to underprivileged women in the city. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, Project Surat celebrated it by requesting for clean and sanitised bedsheets and towels which can be sewed into cloth pads. Not only does it tackle a lack of resources, but also promotes sustainable menstruation.

In a video posted on their Instagram profile, a few young girls can be seen sewing cloth pads with members of the project. Project Surat also aims at doing away with the stigma surrounding menstruation, including the discomfort felt by men, which is why they also aim to spark conversations with the hashtag #MenTalkPeriods.

The project has been curated by Kamakhya and Genie NGO.

You can check out their initiatives on their Instagram page, here.

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