Swedish Minimalism Meets The Indian Aesthetic With Svenklas Backpacks

Swedish Minimalism Meets The Indian Aesthetic With Svenklas Backpacks

We live in an age where less is more. Where the very absence of a notable aesthetic is a coveted aesthetic. This is the age of the minimalist. Many brands across India have been moving towards inducting minimalism into the mainstream, whether in clothing or interiors. It harks back to an age of austerity before India learnt to associate extravagance with privilege. Today consumers crave a sense of simplicity and in a world of insidious fast fashion, the opportunity to slow down is cherished all the more.

This is the aim of Svenklas, a modern-age lifestyle brand for the modern-day citizen. Started by Nikhil and Nischal, the brand aims to alter the face of Indian lifestyle products and introduce people to a new meeting point between functionality and luxury. With their launch they’ll be releasing three bag designs, created with a very definitive idea in mind, as they put it, “With minimalism as our core designing philosophy, we are centered on simplicity and creating artful products that you can use for your everyday journeys.” Each bag is crafted from high-grade cotton duck and quality leather, sourced from Turkey Argentina and Spain.

The name Svenklas itself is a reflection of their identity, having spent a lot of time in Scandinavia, examining the minutia of original minimalist design, Nikhil and Nischal wanted a brand name that captured the very essence of their goal. The word Svenklas can be broken into two parts, ‘Sven’ and ‘Klas’, which together translate roughly to ‘Victory of the Youth’.

Svenklas is another facet to an already burgeoning trend in Indian fashion, change-makers that are curating an alternate school of design to their more flamboyant counterparts who are weaving a new narrative that’s tailored to the fuss-free, conscientious Indian who believes less is more.

Svenklas’ range of bags are available now, click here to see the full site.