A Dip At The Stunning Devkund Waterfall Is Just What You Need

A Dip At The Stunning Devkund Waterfall Is Just What You Need

Devkund waterfall, nestled in the Bhira forest, located approximately 130 KM from Mumbai, is a natural pool of refreshing, cold water and a haven for Mumbaikars trying to beat the heat. The pool is fed from the joining of three waterfalls, and it is rumoured that this little bit of paradise is the origin of Kundalika river. Since the natural pool has a variety of fresh water sources it boasts a bright, blue hue which has been coveted by many of the waterfall’s visitors.

However, nature’s beautiful secrets don’t stay unknown for too long, and the word has gotten around about Devkund Waterfall. So here are a few quick tips to better ensure visitors of this azure lagoon maximise their enjoyment.

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First off, get there early. This fabled falls has recently had an influx of visitors, so being the early bird might result in getting some alone time at the waterfall.

Otherwise, a sure-fire way to make sure you’re at the waterfall when the sun comes up is to camp there. Just carry food, clean up your trash and bring a significant amount of mosquito repellent.

Another option would be to visit the waterfall during week days, if your schedule permits, as it gets quite a few weekenders skipping town for a quick escape.

Lastly, if you aren’t a fan of roughing it yourself there are a couple of tour companies that organise trips to the waterfall, one being travel trikon.

You can trek there from Mumbai, starting at Dadar, and for Punekars, this little hidden gem is about 2 hours away by car.

Feature image photographed by Swapnil Bandivdekar via Instagram