Thane To Be First City To Get Bicycle Services As Public Transport!

 Thane To Be First City To Get Bicycle Services As Public Transport!

Public transport was designed to be convenient, but when you have to wait in line for hours just to get a ticket the whole endeavour sort of loses its charm. Thane Municipal Corporation has come to the rescue with a new and innovative way to beat the crowds--a regular bicycle service! If you find you’re waiting too long to board your bus or autorickshaw you can head to a nearby stand and rent a bicycle for a fraction of the cost.
Of course it’s meant for short distances so they insist you return the bike to its point of origin. And don’t go getting any ideas about acquiring free wheels; every bike is GPS enabled allowing them to easily track and recover any that goes missing.

Image Source: Pexelss

With the horrendous state of pollution in Delhi, it’s heartening to see Mumbai taking such an eco-conscious step. Perhaps implementing bicycles for all short-distance journeys across the city should be the next step, every little bit helps when working towards a greener future. Plus, in the age of technology and convenience, exercise has dropped a few points on the modern Indian’s priorities so a regular bicycle ride could really whip Thane’s citizens into shape. Hopefully, this venture will bring about a greener, healthier Mumbai.

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