'That Antiquepiece' Are Giving Vintage Fashion A Contemporary Spin

'That Antiquepiece' Are Giving Vintage Fashion A Contemporary Spin
L: raju.raman ; R: Yash Patil

The beauty of an individually crafted piece is lost on a world where most consume mass-produced clothing. Garments that reflect thoughtful ideation, research and intricate work are few and far-fetched but young dreamers like Yash Patil are keeping the hope alive by bringing back some particularly glorious days for fashion.

An NIFT Bangalore graduate is leveraging his specialised knitwear knowledge to transform clothing. With each piece holding a grandiose presence remnant of a lost age, made with finer yarns and hand embroidery, his curiosity often takes the lead as reflected in the youthful and experimental approach behind every garment.

Image Courtesy: Yash Patil

Inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian eras, Yash creates modern-day corsets in accordance with the individual measurements of the client; exaggerating shapes according to their preferences. His spontaneous instincts are evident in all his garments where random objects, prints and even sketches act as embellishments.

The depth of research is a vital element in his process that acts as a glue holding the various inspirations together. Historic archives provide him with the space to dive into unique amalgamations of textiles; providing a back story of a particular weave or knit. Photographs for the yesteryear give a glimpse into some of the niche detailing used on garments at the time as well.

His wearable art is reflective of his wide range of influences; juxtaposing colonial and mediaeval eras with South Asian influences, whether it be taking inspiration from the jewels worn by women in Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings or even learning the different dyeing techniques incorporated by artisanal communities in India.

Image Courtesy: Yash Patil

His label ‘That Antiquepiece’ takes cues from the different periods of maximalism in fashion and gives them a firm standing with a contemporary touch. Layering different fabrics together or moulding certain materials to craft a spectacle through his knits. The artist wants his clothing to have a distinct identity yet remain functional and wearable.

The silhouettes are theatrical and imaginative, offering alternatives to trendy mass-produced clothing. This era of fashion is in sore need of creatives like Yash, who dismantle the existing culture of fast fashion with their distinct taste. His label provides a glimmer of hope for fashion to once again embody a rich and vibrant avant-garde spirit.

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