The Alternative Fashion Platform Embracing The Transformative Power Of Wigs

The Alternative Fashion Platform Embracing The Transformative Power Of Wigs

The standards for beauty in society have always dictated a woman’s appearance and her sense of individuality. However, there seems to be a certain sense of power and euphoric joy derived from switching up the standard rules as we experiment with our looks.

For some, it may be skipping on the usual monochrome dressing palette for spunky neons. While for others it might just be something as drastic as a hair makeover. We can all agree that there’s a certain sense of catharsis and bravado attached to switching up your hairstyle.

It’s an aspect so centrally defining to our looks and our ideas of femininity, which when turned upside out results in an innate sense of liberation and frankly speaking, an opportunity to start fresh!

If you find yourself mulling over the prospect of switching up our hair-do and channelling an alter ego without the daunting salon visit, then Altshop is the way to go.

India’s first alternative fashion label, Altshop is creating a space for alternative fashion with a fun and playful line of wigs.

Toshadaa Uma founded the label in 2018 as a bid to make wigs accessible for people suffering from hair loss ailments such as alopecia, chemo or the ones looking to get creative with their look. Inspired by her personal battle with alopecia and as an unconventional model navigating the beauty industry, her venture into the wig landscape is interesting to note as the designs aren’t limited to minimal styles and culturally approved hair trends.

Daring to experiment with fun colours and lengths, Altshop testifies to the mainstream-ification of wigs which are now a common accessory in drag culture and for style statements,

Altshop designs allow you to opt for a ‘different wig different serve’ aesthetic. Switch through platinum blonde Kim K moments or experiment with candy-hued short bobs. Think interesting shapes, fun hues and pop culture-inspired hair-dos for your next transformation.

You can view the label here.

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