The Best Homegrown Tonic Water Brands For Your Cocktails

The Best Homegrown Tonic Water Brands For Your Cocktails

Nothing washes the blues away like a good-spirited drink, quite literally! If you’re someone who knows their liquor, you’re probably aware that mixers matter!

We’re so focused on sourcing the finest spirits; what brand does it best? What notes does the drink emanate? What botanicals are used? While all this matters, the key to enjoying your spirits to the utmost relies on the tonic you mix it with. With gin and tonic emerging as the latest cult favourite in India, we are swooping in to experiment with our tonic choices in order to find a signature variety we can call our own.

Catering to an experimentative mixology movement sweeping the country, there’s an exciting number of tonic brands dominating supermarket shelves.

We bring you a quick roundup of Indian tonic brands that will upgrade your G&T game.

Best tonic water labels in India

I. Sepoy and Co.

Delhi based Sepoy and Co. is regarded as one of the most popular tonic brands offering an eclectic flavour selection that spans spiced grapefruit, mint, and the classic Indian tonic water. Setting a benchmark in the beverage industry, the brand’s unique crafting approach has been awarded the international taste award as well. If you’re on the lookout for some summer cocktail recipes, we suggest checking out their website for some artisanal mixology hacks.

Find the label here.

II. Svami

Branding themselves as a strictly drinking label, Swami means business when it comes to spearheading a progressive drinking culture in India. The Svami repertoire offers a delightful mix of tonic water, ginger ale, colas, salted lemonade and a host of limited edition whiskeys and gin kits to try.

Find the label here.

III. Jade Forest

Curating a unique British-Indian recipe of smooth, ready-to-drink refreshments and tonic waters, the label guarantees delightful drinking concocted with a refreshing blend of fresh botanicals, herbs and spices that emulate citrusy notes with a bitter tinge. Besides tonic water, the label also offers a range of ginger ales available online as well as in select restaurants across Delhi-NCR.

Find the label here.

IV. Bengal Bay

High spirits and low calories is the way to go for Bengal Bay, a premium beverage label crafting organic tonics that pack a smooth finish and subtle aftertaste. Naturally sweetened with organic cane sugar and under 35 calories per serving, these consciously packaged mixers are sure to add a fine touch to your upcoming drinking plans. Their tonic water formulation is concocted with indigenous botanicals and is preservative-free; ensuring a lasting effervescence to the very last sip.

Find the label here.

V. Peer

Peer is another Homegrown tonic water brand we’re loving at the moment. There are currently four low or zero-calorie variations in the label’s collection; all of which have an unrivalled taste! The brand employs all-natural quinine to bring out the true taste of the booze, with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or flavouring. As a result, it’s the ideal partner for your G&Ts!

Find the label here.

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