The Breakfast Club: A Guide To Mumbai's Best Breakfast Spots

(L) The Bagel Shop; Toast Doughnut Shop (R)
(L) The Bagel Shop; Toast Doughnut Shop (R)(L) @bagelshopbandra; @toastdoughnutshop (R)

How often have you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Every morning before you left the house for school, right? Well, we have come a long way from suffering through dry toast and a glass of bournvita. For those of us who can’t stomach eating so early in the morning, a late breakfast is a perfect start to the day, as opposed to those who can’t live without their 7 AM cup of coffee (which in my opinion is the bane of my existence).

Well whether you’re an early bird or a brunch fiend we can assure you that Bombay has no dearth of breakfast options around the city. Plus with food delivery apps at our fingertips, there are so many options, no matter where you are.

With the number of breakfast articles we have here, we’re pretty much bonafide experts at this point. There’s not much we haven’t tried (in the name of research, of course) and at all price points. So with all the experience we have accumulated, we thought it was time to bring you the definitive guide to breakfasts in Mumbai. We’ve broken it down via cuisine, so you have your pick!



Location: Lower Parel

The popular American chain has just opened its doors in Mumbai after seeing success in Gurgaon. Everything you would expect in an American breakfast is served at IHOP- from their world-famous pancakes to burgers, waffles, and eggs. Opened at Phoenix Palladium, IHOP’s buttermilk pancakes are some of the best in the world. The Indian version of these pancakes is completely egg-free for the vegetarians, and all their beef dishes have been substituted with chicken and lamb.

Location: Everywhere

Hear me out, I know this is probably not the first thing you would think of when you think of American breakfast, but McDonald’s is, after all, an American chain, and serves up probably the most American of all foods (burgers, obviously). Their breakfast menu was launched a few years ago to much aplomb and has since become a staple of any student looking for a budget-friendly option in between classes. From their crispy hashbrowns to their sausage McMuffin, they have something for everyone. And of course, who can forget the morning McDonald’s treat on the expressway?

Image Courtesy: @ihopindia; @kuckelikubreakfasthouse


Location: Everywhere

While you’ve probably spent the previous Saturday night here, you might as well come in for your hungover breakfast too. Kiran’s Big Apple Breakfast tray is a fan favourite, and comes with blueberry pancakes, 2 eggs, pork bacon, fries, toast and butter, oreos, and a cup of tea or coffee. What says ‘Murica more than an oversized serving of breakfast foods?

Location: Bandra

New York’s premier morning fare finds a home at one of Bombay’s only bagel shops. Aptly named, the restaurant launched over a decade ago in 2006, and has since become a mainstay of the city’s food scene. From a long list of delicious bagels, they serve both sweet and savoury options, along with a great variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices. Keeping up with the times, they have also launched an East Indian menu, called Queimada, inspired by chef and owner Lester Pereira’s connection to the community. One of the few places in Bandra that has outdoor seating, the back patio is lush, green, and quiet, despite being on a busy road. The biggest plus point of the shop is that it is pet friendly, and your furry friends are more than welcome.

Location: Bandra

If you’re in the mood for something a little healthier, give newly opened Greenr Cafe a try. Tucked away in Drego House on bustling Pali Hill, Greenr serves up a variety of breakfast smoothie bowls, with the quintessential Cali’ Açaí Berry Bowl, a green Hail Kale Bowl, and the Mocha Mucho Bowl with chocolate, coffee, and bananas for the slightly more gluttonous. All three are vegan options, though they have non-vegan options as well.

Location: Colaba

If you want something truly American, sample the tried and tested sweet and savoury combination of chicken and waffles at Kuckeliku Breakfast House. A surprisingly well-kept secret of the city, the cafe is dedicated to breakfast foods from all over the world. In addition to the chicken and waffles, you can also find congee, chilaquiles, and shakshuka. Don’t forget to try their bakery items too, like the sugar doughnut.


Location: Bandra, Fort

As the cafe puts it, they are a cafe not just for coffees. From king size breakfasts to mini meals, the cafe has it all. But a speciality is the full English breakfast, aptly titled the King’s breakfast. It includes your typical English elements-hash browns, eggs, tomatoes, baked masala beans with a side of toast or a croissant and a choice between juice, coffee, or tea.

VIII. Le Cafe

Location: Chembur

Unexpectedly classy, Le Cafe is a great option for your slightly fancier breakfast needs- a date, mayhaps? The Chef’s Breakfast is a hearty and delicious option, and is served with chicken sausages, bacon, grilled tomatoes. sauteed mushroom, baked beans and German rye bread. They also have protein bowls and a keto friendly menu if that’s what floats your boat.

Image Courtesy: @cafemondegar; @bchbombay

Location: Colaba

Step off at Mondy’s for a big breakfast after a morning run, for their Petit Dejeuner breakfast (yes, that’s just Breakfast Breakfast). It is a hearty serving of two made-to-order eggs, baked beans, sausage, salami, toast, orange juice and tea or coffee. Once you finish, Colaba Causeway is right there to impulsively buy a pair of earrings or two. Pro-tip, try the cheese garlic bread at Mondegar’s, its one of the best in the city.

Location: Versova

Pet friendly and with free wifi, Nomada is the perfect spot to work while you eat and sip your coffee. Their English breakfast comes with the regular menu items on an English breakfast platter, plus avocado slices and options of a frittata or a Spanish omelet. If you feel like that’s not enough, give their garlic truffle fries a shot too. And if you happen to be there until dinner, give their spicy shoyu ramen a try, available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Plus, they have all day brunch on the weekends, so you don’t have to wake up obscenely early for a great meal (looking at you, hotels).


Location: Bandra, Powai, Nariman Point

French expats Antonia Achache, Jérémie Sabbagh and Pierre Labail launched Suzette Creperie in Nariman Point around a decade ago, and have since taken their French delicacies all over the city. Forming a trifecta in Bandra, with the creperie, the kitchen garden, and best of all - the bakery, Suzette has become a top contender for a continental breakfast for the bougie Bandra-ites. Serving a deliciously crusty butter croissant, almond croissant, and a melt-in-your-mouth pain au chocolat (incidentally what I had for breakfast just this morning), along with Koinonia coffee, is as European as it gets.

Location: Bandra, Colaba, Byculla

What is more a European breakfast than a well-baked bread of some kind and a nice strong coffee? Design-led coffee roasters, Subko’s baked goods are some of the best in the city, with an ever-evolving seasonal menu. Currently on offer seasonally is the Bengali Milk Cake twice-baked croissant, and The Baked SIF (South Indian Filter Coffee) - a gluten-free Brownie-Cookie Base made with a South Indian Chicory reduction, filled with a SIF Pastry Cream, topped with Condensed Milk Ganache and a SIF Whipped Cream. My mouth is watering already.

Image Courtesy: @magstreetcafe; @toastdoughnutshop

Location: Lower Parel

Chef Devika Manjrekar’s debut launch, Toast Doughnut Shop is a quaint little cafe serving up handmade brioche doughnuts, made fresh every day. With a menu that changes every day, along with a couple of staples, this is a perfect sweet breakfast treat to accompany your strong coffee. From standard flavours like lemon meringue and Belgian dark chocolate, they also have super unique flavours like pandan and coconut, and ube cheesecake.

Location: Bandra, Khar, Mahalaxmi, BKC, Chembur, Oshiwara, Nariman Point, Kala Ghoda, Vikhroli
When the Blue Tokai team started roasting coffee in 2013 they did not imagine that it would pick up the way it has. Blue Tokai is fast becoming Bombay’s favourite way to drink local coffee, with locations across the city, as well as a D2C way to shop on their website. If you prefer brewing your own coffee, Blue Tokai has coffee options no matter how you like it - from dark roasts to light blends, with coffee capsules and cold brew cans. Alternatively, you can visit one of their locations to try their coffee, along with a stunning almond croissant by Suchali’s Artisan BakeHouse - the artisanal French bakery they have a tie-up with.

Location: Colaba

During the pandemic, the team behind iconic Mumbai restaurant The Table, Gauri Devidayal and Jay Yousuf pivoted their experimental kitchen into a bakery making comfort foods. Mag St. Kitchen started making everything from bread and Danishes to fresh pasta. In 2021, the team launched a brick-and-mortar cafe called Mag St. Cafe, serving breakfast from 8 AM to 10:30 AM. The cafe is a perfect co-working space, with a variety of coffees and smoothies. The fan favourite though is by far the Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bun and the sourdough bread.


XVI. Arya Bhavan

Location: Matunga

Where would you go for the best South Indian food in Bombay if not Matunga? Arya Bhavan has been a Homegrown favourite since 2016, and ​​Mr Muthuswamy’s story always gives us a warm fuzzy feeling. From supplying milk in the Matunga Labour Camp in the Dharavi Area to selling idlis and dosas, he has come a long way. For authentic Tam-Brahm flavours, try the paniyaram (steamed dumplings made from idli batter), and the various types of idlis they have with molaga podi (gunpowder). Pro-tip: mix in a little ghee and sugar for a superior yum-yuck flavour.

XVII. Cafe Dela Paix

Location: Girgaon

One of Mumbai’s oldest Irani cafés, Café Dela Paix, serves authentic Irani chai and bun-maska and is tucked away in a small corner in one of Bombay’s busiest areas. Owner Gustad Irani has preserved and restored the interiors to their glory years, with the cafe hosted in Villa Bellevue, a charming Art Deco building. With Parsi classics like sali par eedu (eggs on fried potato straws) and akuri (masala scrambled eggs), get here early for a spot on their vintage Burma teak chairs.

Image Courtesy:;

XVIII. Vada Pav

Location: Literally Everywhere

It was impossible to narrow down on just one spot for this classic Mumbai snack, and asking your nearest college student would probably get you a very biased answer. Mumbai has vada pav stalls all over the city, from the fan favourite Kirti College vada pav with its crispy bits in Prabhadevi, to Mithibai College’s slightly sweeter Gujarati vada pav in Vile Parle. Ladu Samrat in Lower Parel also has delicious vada pav, and they also have a cracking sabudana vada if you’re in the mood for that instead. If you feel like going a little further out, give Nishi Sagar on the expressway a shot too. If you manage to get there at the right time you can catch hot vadas straight out of the kadhai into your mouth.

XIX. Aaswad

Location: Dadar

For absolutely mouth-watering Maharashtrian breakfast faves like sabudana khichdi and poha, give Aaswad a try. An unassuming spot, the 30-year-old eatery at Dadar recently won a world’s tastiest vegetarian dish award at the Foodie Hub Awards for their missal pav, a dish that is as local as it gets.

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