The Future Is Now: Homegrown AI-Powered Chess Boards

The Future Is Now: Homegrown AI-Powered Chess Boards
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The game of chess has seen evolutionary strides through the years –– from having to purchase a board, to finding a mini-version that you can carry anywhere, to finally giving in to playing it online during the first COVID lockdown.

Square Off, however, takes this to a whole new level. It is the world’s first telerobotic, Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chessboard. Simply put, you can play against the board itself in real-time, as the chess pieces are moved by the board itself, and this is available across 20 difficulty levels. With the SquareOff app, you can also challenge a player anywhere in the world, and their move will reflect physically on your board!

Founders Atur Mehta and Bhavya Gohil began Infivention Technologies Pvt Ltd back in 2015, but SquareOff remains their flagship product. With their tie-up with, players can challenge millions of chess enthusiasts globally, and yet retain the feeling of playing in-person, all in the comfort of their homes. These electronic boards have been in use in over 70 countries, bringing together those with a passion for chess in a rather special way.

SquareOff is not simply a mechanical contraption that allows people to play chess –– it is larger than life by way of introducing magic into peoples’ lives. A futuristic idea made a reality, these chess boards may be the source of joy for many worldwide. It lends a whole new meaning to the saying ‘from across borders’ and gives it a rather positive and fresh meaning at a time when the idea may seem bleak otherwise.

Of course, it is a technological marvel and the SquareOff team deserves all the credit. Beyond that, a word of thanks to the team for uniting people through moments of magicand opportunities for inspiration.

Find SquareOff here.

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