The Hemp Cafeteria: Pune’s First Hemp-Based Cafe Is Now Open

The Hemp Cafeteria: Pune’s First Hemp-Based Cafe Is Now Open
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Superfoods are on the rise –– and hemp is at the forefront. With CBD and hemp acceptance taking over the country, the plant and its attributes are slowly (but surely) beginning to assert their presence. With several homegrown brands paving the way for this hemp revolution, many restaurants are following suit.

One of the newest ones to do so is The Hemp Cafeteria (which cleverly abbreviates to THC) in Pune. Co-founder Amruta Shitole’s belief in the goodness of hemp shows in the venture’s products. With bhaang ka sandwich, hemp smoothies, hemp biscuits, and more, the cafe focuses on the abundance of vitamins and healthy fats in hemp.

Hemp is legal in India as it contains low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which led the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to issue a notice that states that hemp seeds and its oil and flour, as long as within conforming standards, are allowed for sale.

“We use seeds of cannabis and not leaves. Most of us have misconceptions about hemp. Hemp is magical but why are common people not eating hemp foods? One is the cost involved, and the other is its bad reputation. Our cafe’s venture is to break these myths and misconceptions.”

— Amruta Shitole (via The Indian Express)

The cafe makes nearly 1-2 kgs of fresh hemp chutney every day. With experimentation, the recipes have come to life and now make up the menu of The Hemp Cafeteria.

However, hemp inclusion in food is not all that this cafe is about. They also host ‘hemp museums’ so that they are able to convey accurate information about cannabis and hemp in India –– moving toward a society where misconceptions do not lead to judgement.

For some fulfilling, healthy, and delicious hemp-infused food with a side of knowledge, head to The Hemp Cafeteria!

Where: 2163, Sane Guruji Rasta, near Neelayam Theatre, B Block, Sadashiv Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411030

When: 12:30 PM to midnight every day (closed on Mondays)

Find The Hemp Cafeteria here.

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