The Indian Origin Photographer Combining 60s Bollywood Glamour With Gender & Identity

The Indian Origin Photographer Combining 60s Bollywood Glamour With Gender & Identity

A Punjabi Indian photographer flitting between Paris and London, Tara Laure Claire’s work falls into themes of honesty, observation and freedom.

A Central Saint Martins graduate with a BA in Arts in Film Design and Directing, Laure channelled her passion for film and immersive art into an illustrious career in the fashion industry.

With an extensive professional experience in the creative arts, Laura’s palatable Avant Garde style of photography is distinctive and reflected in all her creative ambitions spanning from art to music to virtual reality.

Tara Laure Claire's photo series

Instead of utilizing the mainstream commercial lens, Laure’s visuals trace queer aesthetics in a liberating setup, portraying strong characters and a camp pizazz that is a subtle nod to her Bollywood influence. It’s hard to look away from the captivating yet surreal intensity of her work.

One of her recent works consists of a photo series titled ‘Marquis’ that revives the old world glamour dating back to the 18th and 19th century mixed with 1960s Bollywood glamour in picturising ‘contemporary manifestations of gender, identity and sexuality’. Craftily placing her Indian heritage and interpretations of the motherland’s influences into otherworldly visuals, her Instagram is a creative playground that features her self-portraits donned in desi aesthetics along with experimentative reimaginations of old Indian memorabilia.

With an immensely fashionable take and philosophies reimagined in a modern scenario, the photo series summarizes the Indian photographer’s sensual yet sophisticated artistic lens.

View her work here.

'Marquis' By Tara Laure Claire

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