The Legend Of The Waterman & Other Short Stories: Deconstructing Vaayu

The Legend Of The Waterman & Other Short Stories: Deconstructing Vaayu
We also managed to catch up with Malaney to talk waterman legends, the vision for VAAYU and everything in between. Read on for the full story. 
I. Tell us about your professional & personal background?
II. Describe your relationship with water and how it’s evolved over the years?
III. Tell us a little more about your association with Liquidforce
Vaayu Backwaters
IV. You speak a lot about the term waterman, could you shed some light on what it means?
V. Vaayu sounds like a really special venture; can you give us some insight into where the idea came from and what you plan on achieving through it?
VI. Since you’ve set up base in Goa for the entire season, what can we expect until March?
VII. There’s a huge focus on positive environmental impact within the organization, could you shed some light on that?
VIII. And what of the Vaayu House also doubling up as an Art Residency?
IX. With India having so much coastline to play with, what are your personal projections of where the water sports industry/ sub-culture might reach? Additionally, do you see Vaayu playing a vital role in that?
X. Finally, we know you studied philosophy in university, has that had any role to play in the way you live your life today?
Vaayu Website
Vaayu Facebook
Vaayu Number: 085 54 833885 Vaayu Address: 42 A-1, Girkarwado, Arambol, Goa, India 403524
Image Credit : Krish Makhija, Rammohan Paranjape & Taira Malaney

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