The Magic Of Postcards: 3 South Asian Collectives Reviving Slow Mail

The Magic Of Postcards: 3 South Asian Collectives Reviving Slow Mail
(L) Make Mail ; Vishakha (R)

There is little genuine emotion left in the way we communicate in the world of today. Undoubtedly, there are innumerable emojis available, quite literally at our fingertips, but it hardly beats the intent and warmth of the handwritten word.

Back in the day, after the realisation that pigeons may not have been the best mode of transportation for messages, postcards became the ‘it’ thing. With space for only a short message, and perhaps a picture or two on the other side of it, postcards became a means of personal and collective joy.

Not many use this method anymore, but its beauty remains incomparable. Keeping the ethos of postcards alive is a handful of plucky collectives, and today, we want to highlight them.

Here are three South Asian collectives reviving the magic of postcards!

I. From Lahore With Love

Founded in 2012 by Sonya Rehman, From Lahore With Love began as a homage to Pakistan’s beautiful city of Lahore. After a friend suggested she turn photographs clicked by her into postcards, Sonya decided to execute the idea. In attempts to revive the practice of snail mail in Pakistan, the company focused on making a cultural imprint with Lahore’s heritage.

Now, the company is also a platform that explores the culture of Lahore and Pakistan through its people, visual art, and more.

Find From Lahore With Love here.

II. Make Mail

One of our all-time favourites, Make Mail truly captures the joy of handmade postcards — not only by way of providing people with tangible, heartfelt messages but also by making each one of them. Their sense of art allows them to create each postcard as heartfelt as the next, and the intent behind each of those shines clearly through.

Any postcard from Make Mail would call for emptying a prime spot on our desks or shelves.

Find Make Mail here.

III. Snailmail India

Urging the people of India to connect with each other the old school way, Snailmail is building a community in India. They facilitate postcard exchanges, one-time as well as long term, and even assign themes to each of them. By doing this, they provide us with an opportunity to connect through stories and experiences –– and what is life, if not a collection of both?

Head to their Instagram to sign up for the exchanges. Find Snailmail India here.

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