The Manduva Project Packages Andhra Pradesh’s Culinary Heritage In Pickles, Spices & Chips

The Manduva Project Packages Andhra Pradesh’s Culinary Heritage In Pickles, Spices & Chips
The Manduva Project

India has always been well-known as the land of spices, but to the world, anything past garam masala and chilli powder may still seem unfamiliar. Within India itself, however, we are graced with thousands of spices from the most wondrous regions of India.

Andhra Pradesh is home to several of these spices, many of which are unknown to parts of India. The Manduva Project, whose name comes from the traditional homes in parts of Andhra Pradesh, is a lovely homegrown brand with artisanal, handmade, and small-batch pickles, spices, crisps, and sprinkles –– all freshly sourced from the fields of Andhra Pradesh.

From their manduva homes in Annadeverapeta and Uppalametta, The Manduva Project aims to pack the idea of ‘home’ through food. Reminiscing times when grandmothers of the house would pass their time by drying, grinding, and pickling several ingredients, all with copious amounts of love, the brand wishes to translate the same through their various products.

These culinary gems are best enjoyed when shared with those you love. With a range of special meal accompaniments, this homegrown brand solidifies Andhra food and its identity through small yet wonderful packages. Curry leaf and Moringa sprinkle, Avakaya pickle, and beetroot crisps are just the tip of the iceberg as their range screams regional Andhra and its flavours.

The identity of Andhra Pradesh, its culinary history, and cultural heritage are maintained purposefully at The Manduva Project, and beautifully so. From the voice of their online presence and even the packaging, each product feels like a homage to the diverse spices and regional food and practices of the state. A delectable combination of all things homely and flavourful, The Manduva Project is certainly one to try!

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