The Original Sriracha Hot Sauce Just Made Its India Debut, You Can Now Buy Bottles Online!

The Original Sriracha Hot Sauce Just Made Its India Debut, You Can Now Buy Bottles Online!

 “I’ve got hot sauce in my bag, swag” - Beyonce

For centuries, Europeans have searched far and wide to get a taste of India’s spices, so we’d obviously never say we’ve been deprived of spice. All except for one, that is--Sriracha. Fortunately, Huy Fong Foods met our demands and has licensed the original rooster sauce to certain distributors in Mumbai, so ardent hot-sauce loyalists can finally have a new spice searing their tongues.

Homegrown got in touch with Raj Sablok, an entrepreneur who started an e-commerce business called Sauce Kart with his sister Gitika. Sauce Kart aims to bring lovers of all things hot and saucy together to a one stop shop, which opens sometime later this month. It is also the exclusive distributors of delicious Sriracha sauce in Mumbai. We asked Mr. Sablok if there were any challenges and clearances needed to bring Sriracha to our shores, to which he replied “Every country has their own legislation when it comes to food products. We had to make sure that our product complies with the food laws in India and we had the appropriate import licences in place. We were required to get the Indian customs clearance and clearance from the food safety and standard authority of India (FSSAI).

Sauce Kart also intends to bring a lot more to India than just Sriracha. “There is a large variety of sauces available internationally which are still not on the Indian shelves. Our research and development team is working on bringing such products down in the near future.” For now, let’s just be happy about the Sriracha. We think Sauce Kart sums it up best when they say “SRIRACHA ON EVERYTHING.”

Up until now, Sriracha was of limited availability with costs as ridiculous as Rs. 1375 for a bottle on Amazon. For those who waited it out, you can finally get your hands on the real deal now at far less exorbitant prices of Rs. 295, Rs. 475 and Rs. 575 for different sized bottles on Amazon. "We wanted the sauce to be as accessible as possible to everyone in terms of price point," explains Sablok. For the uninitiated, Huy Fong’s Sriracha is a classic preparation of chilly, sugar, garlic, salt, distilled vinegar potassium sorbate and sodium bisulfite as preservatives with xanthan gum. Though our taste buds are accustomed with the spices of  of our homeland, Sriracha offers a tangy burn like no other, we couldn't be more excited about their Mumbai debut!

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Feature image source: The Huffington Post

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