The Punjabi Irish Artist Redefining Soul Music

The Punjabi Irish Artist Redefining Soul Music

Breaking the glass ceiling for diaspora musicians and tapping into the pulse of a distinct music scene, Shivum Sharma is the latest musical whizz taking over our Spotify playlists at the moment. A 25-year-old singer, songwriter, producer and DJ, the artist’s skillset is as diverse as his identity.

Growing up as a Punjabi-Irish kid, he reveals to have grown up flitting through VH1 music and following the South Asian music scene as a millennial. An R&B boy at heart, the half-Irish Londoner has Kali Uchis on rotation and is a big fan of Pakistani disco queen Nazia Hassan.

Image Courtesy: Shivum Sharma

Shivum’s latest EP ‘In Transit’ is a melodious track that bears an endearing sound and makes for an easy listen. While his last EP marked his explosive entry into the music scene that earned over a million hits overnight, (with British magazine Dazed proclaiming him as ‘London’s new soul hero’) his latest release crystallizes the evolution of the artist’s sound.

Gushing about how now is the best time to be an artist, the versatile groove boy has been trying his hand at in the DJ and radio scene over the last couple of years as well. Cementing his position as a seasoned indie artist, his iconic set at DialedIn in 2021 or his show on have garnered wide appreciation as well.

A dreamy voice and impeccable vocals mark Sharma’s sound, who grew up listening to lot of soul, jazz and reggae, which perhaps set the influence for his music-making process. The artist has said that his musical influences are a blend of two different worlds in several interviews and explains his penchant for a classical Hindustani sound. Growing up celebrating south Asian culture and traditions, it’s impressive to note the singer’s ability to keep his musical abilities improvisatory and adaptable rather than narrowing them down or fitting them into a box.

The artist has been vocal about the struggles of being expected to create constantly and says what helps is focusing inwards and finding a boost of creativity by appreciating the surge of music, cinema, and art that his diasporic community delivers.

See more of his work here.

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