The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: A List Of All The Protests Across India For Hathras Rape Case

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: A List Of All The Protests Across India For Hathras Rape Case

Following the caste-based gendered violence in the Hathras Gang-rape case, where four Thakur men (belonging to the Upper Caste) raped a 19-year-old Dalit girl, Manisha Valmiki, protests are being organised after she succumbed to her injuries yesterday. The impunity provided for the perpetrators as well as the police force’s hurried burning of the body and not allowing the family to perform the last rites has outraged the Dalit community. Many took to Twitter and other social media platforms to voice their anger mentioning that Dalits are denied dignity both in life and death. This is not the first time members of the lower caste have had to face brutality at the hands of the upper caste and the successive silencing of their voices.

Kiruba Munusamy, a Dalit researcher and activist said in an interview “Annihilation of Caste is Justice.” But the road to justice in a Brahmanical society is flawed in favour of the oppressors. Protests are being organised demanding the resignation of UP Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath and suspension of the DM. Here is a list of all the protests happening today:

Kolkata- Park Street-3pm

Lucknow- KD Stadium-12pm

Mumbai- Carter Road-7pm

Pune- Good Luck Cafe Chowk- 4pm

Shimla- Front of DC Office- 11am

Amritsar- Townhall- 6pm

Bangalore- Mysore Bank Circle- 3pm

Bhopal- Iqbal Maidan- 5pm

Delhi- DU Arts Faculty Gate 4- 5pm

Guwahati- Dighalipukhri- 12pm

If you plan to attend the protests today, make sure to carry your mask. Let a few of your acquaintances know your location and keep updating them regarding the same. If you are a Savarna attending the protests make sure to amplify Dalit voices, they are the voice of the cause, pass the mic. Be equipped, here is a small checklist:

Image Credits: FreeFromFascism Instagram Page

Justice delayed is justice denied, so if you can go out and protest. The revolution will not be televised so go out there and make your voice be heard.

It is our duty to educate, agitate and organise. Here is a list of suggested readings to educate yourself on caste:

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