The Rum Renaissance: A Closer Look At India’s First Premium Craft Rum

The Rum Renaissance: A Closer Look At India’s First Premium Craft Rum

Taking India’s love for Old Monk forward, Maka Zai translating to ‘I Want’ in Konkani is the country’s first premium craft rum. From the house of Stilldistilling Spirits, the woman behind it is a young entrepreneur, Kasturi Banerjee. Fascinated with bartending and crafting ingenious drink recipes, her passion led to the creation of two premium artisanal rums.

Moving over the craze of gin and tonic, the banker turned mixologist has introduced the country to a stand-out star. Taking forward the ‘drink well’ philosophy through this made-in-India rum. After much research focused on analysing the developing trends in the beverages sector, Maka Zai, created using wholly local products, released the ‘Bartenders Edition’ and the ‘Tribute Edition’.

The first one is a white rum made with sugarcane grown in the Panchaganga river in Maharashtra. The crystal clear formulation with hints of fruity tropical characteristics pays homage to the unsung passion and talent of bartenders. The second one is a gold rum, with hints of praline, dry dates, figs, caramel, cinnamon and honey. It is a perfect dessert and sipping rum.

Image Courtesy: Maka Zai

Getting its molasses from the shores of west India, the packaging comes with a turtle mascot and is an ode to the oldest inhabitants of Goa, Olive Ridley sea turtles. Maka Zai was already available in Goa and Maharashtra and has now been welcomed in the French Capital of India, Pondicherry. The rum renaissance is worthy of your time and money with a delicious taste and premium quality in one package.

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