The Tiger-themed ‘Bengali’ IPA Is Brooklyn’s Beer Of Choice

The Tiger-themed ‘Bengali’  IPA Is Brooklyn’s Beer Of Choice

New York City has always been a cultural melting pot, where the sights, sounds and flavours of the world co-exist in an unexpected harmony. One solid example of this phenomenon is the Six Point Brewery in Brooklyn which has made a name in unique beer experiences. One of their most popular brews on offer is something that we are all too familiar with, the Indian Pale Ale. Before you read on, brush up on your brewery GK here or take a quick history lesson in IPA here.

Their signature Ale is called ‘Bengali’ and has been delighting customers since 2004; earning a reputation as one of the best IPAs in Six Point’s collection. The beer got its name from its striated colouring when poured, which reminded the brewers of the Bengal Tiger. In 2014, they dropped the ‘Tiger’ and went with the much more succinct ‘Bengali’ but the popularity of the product just kept on rising. Dan Wood, a blogger for Daily Campus has some interesting notes on Bengali, ‘This beer is bright and warm with notes of rose, ginger, sweet naval orange and tangerine, followed by a herbaceous and toasty middle.’

The beer is designed to evoke Asian aromatics of citrus and spices but with an alcohol content of 6.5% it has a kick a lot less subtle than its mild flavours let on. While still not available in India, we are sure that if it made its way back to its native (at least etymologically) shores, it would quickly become our go-to cold brew.

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