The Way Indian Internet Works Is Under Threat And You Can Do Something About It

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this open nature which is to be debated and protected
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While Facebook might have successfully got Facebook Messenger forced down the throats of users, don't let the illusion of Internet Org get the same treatment. Speak up! 
“The thing about telecom companies is that their aims are simple enough – money. For them, charging for specific services/platforms makes a lot of financial sense – imagine, paying 20 bucks to access Facebook, another 15 to access Twitter, maybe 40 to access Wikipedia,
John Oliver's Brilliant Rant On Net Neutrality Which Crashed The FCC Website with user comments in Support of Net Neutrality. The US recently passed rules in favour of Net Neutrality.
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Image Source: Twitter
While democracy has seemed to fail many citizens of different countries, the Internet has been the democratic champion we never imagined. 
Don't let it be lost. To know more about Net Neutrality and the movement against it, visit
You can sign the petition in support of Net Neutrality here as well as the 20 questions asked by TRAI can be found here. Mail your responses to the questions to TRAI before 24th April on 

 Words: Devang Pathak

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