The World's Largest Sneaker Exhibit Is Coming To Delhi

The World's Largest Sneaker Exhibit Is Coming To Delhi
Sneaker Pimps

There’s a movement stirring, a homecoming is underway, and there’s no time like the present. At Homegrown we’ve always believed in the power of street culture; that it’s more than a fashion statement, that it’s a way of life. And now the revolution has a new address at Delhi’s Dhan Mill compound. On March 18th, we’re bringing you HG Street, India’s premier sneaker and street culture festival where the leaders of India’s sneaker culture (and all the sub-cultures that fuel it) will gather under one roof.

In addition to the many talented performers, showcases and panels we have in storie, we’ll also be curating some one-of-a-kind experiences and to kick them off, Sneaker Pimps presented by PUMA is coming down to HGStreet for an exclusive India edition. The world’s largest travelling sneaker exhibition and street-based art show, Sneaker Pimps has toured the world over 14 times. One of the most famous cultural events for urban youth worldwide, they are heading down to Delhi along with Puma select head Yassine Saidi. Attend workshops and panels with graffiti artists Futura and Maggi and break it down with DJ Mo City and Rajakumari.

In addition to the 500+ rare and vintage sneakers they’ll have on display, there’s also an opportunity to meet everybody from living legend of the graffiti movement and OG street artist, illustrator, sculptor and culture creator ‘Futura’ to Yassine Saidi himself the man behind mega co-creations like Fenty PUMA by Rihanna, ‘Run The Streets’ by The Weeknd and Big Sean. Sneaker Pimps is known the world over for their careful and uncompromising celebration of sneaker culture and now that they’ve landed in India, get a chance to experience their magic for yourself.

Tickets are live now, visit Insider to book yours.

When: March 18, 12 p.m - 12 a.m

Where: Dhan Mill Compound

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