Things To Know Before Getting In A Car During The Mumbai Floods

Things To Know Before Getting In A Car During The Mumbai Floods

If you’re in Mumbai right now it’s hardly worth mentioning that the weather is truly horrifying. With water levels continuing to rise and a disaster alert in progress, it’s good to have some handy tricks up your sleeve so you’re prepared for any eventuality. Though we advise everyone to stay indoors, if you absolutely have to hit the road do so with great caution and keep the following points in mind.

  • The depth of the water can be hard to judge so go slow and stick to familiar roads.
  • Before you leave, take a hammer or other heavy object with which you can break the glass to escape in case of an emergency. This shouldn’t be too hard as the glass is deliberately made to be easily breakable from inside.
  • In case you don’t have anything with you, headrests in cars are deliberately detachable and sharp so that it can be used to break open the glass of car in case of fire and emergency.
  • DO NOT under any circumstances turn on your air conditioner. AC’s release a deadly gas - carbon monoxide - which is odourless but fatal and when submerged there is no way for the gas to escape.
  • Keep the doors unlocked and the windows slightly open to ensure easy escape routes.
  • As a last resort if you can’t exit through the doors or windows, brace yourself against the seat and kick out the front windshield. As it’s not locked it it should be easier to dislodge.

All the Gurudwaras in Mumbai are open for Langar and shelter for humans and animals. Anyone who is stuck at any part of the city of any caste of community can reach out to the nearest Gurdwara.

Again, we’d like to urge everyone not to travel until the flood warning has been lifted, even one foot of running water has been known to carry cars away. If you or someone you know are in need of assistance, here are the numbers you can call.

BMC (For Flooding, Water Logging, Potholes, General Aid Around The City)

  • 108 - Monsoon Helpline
  • 1916 - Civic Disaster During The Rains
  • 1292, 1293, +91-22-22691292, +91-22-22691293 - Disaster Management, Potholes Complaints.

Railway Emergency

  • 23004000 - For any emergency.

Police Hotline

  • 100 - Police Hotline

Mumbai Pune Express Highway Patrol

  • +919822498224 - Emergency Hotline for detours, disasters or help.

For Any Emergency, if all else fails:

  • 112 - India’s single emergency number, much like USA’s 911.