The 107-Year-Old YouTube Sensation Redefining Andhra Food

The 107-Year-Old YouTube Sensation Redefining Andhra Food
Country Foods|YouTube

It’s no secret that the internet is the place to be if you need your 15 minutes of fame. But every now and then, it turns up something so magnificent, you want to stop and pay homage to the non-existent internet gods. Mastanamma is one such beautiful creation, who, at 106, has decided to dominate YouTube with her homemade delicacies. She hails from Andhra Pradesh and is still fiercely independent, insisting on doing all her housework on her own. She does need a little help navigating the internet however and her great grandson K Laxman handles the production of her videos.

Her channel ‘Country Foods’ is exactly what you never knew you needed, combining home-cooked food with a charming smile and the right sprinkling of uniqueness to keep you coming back. Between her culinary chops and adorable giggle, she’s fast becoming one of the most beloved internet chefs and has racked up a following of over 2.5 lakh viewers. She has no qualms about posing for the camera and that’s maybe one of the things we love most about her. Although trying to replicate her recipes may be a challenge, it still makes for a wonderful watch.

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