This 8-Year-Old Girl From Nagaland Just Won The National Bravery Award

This 8-Year-Old Girl From Nagaland Just Won The National Bravery Award

The thing about cliches is that they stem from a lot of weighted truth. Very often, if you observe enough, you might realise that the best teachers in the world are not the ones who walk into your classrooms to give the lectures, but the ones you expect lessons from the least. Making children some of the best teachers in the world then.
Eight-year-old Mhonbeni Ezung from Nagaland taught us something important as she walked up to the Prime Minister and received the National Bravery Award this year. One, that a little presence of mind can save lives and two, age need not determine how brave you are.

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Ezung won the National Bravery award this year for rescuing her drowning grandmother from a river at Chudi village in Wokha district of Nagaland.
The little girl had gone to stay with her grabdmother during her winter vacations. One of the days, the two went to a nearby stream for fishing and it was while fishing that the incident took place. Her 78-year-old grandmother, Renthunglo Jungi, suddenly experienced cramps, followed by a stroke and fell unconscious. Instead of panicking, the brave girl ran about four kilometers into a thick forest, and returned to the site with help, who was rescued and then taken to a primary health centre, where she was treated.
On being asked how she summoned such tremendous courage, Mhonbeni said it was the love and concern she had for her grandmother that gave her the strength to run back alone to fetch help. This little girl was the youngest among the 24 recipients of the bravery award.
Accompanied by her proud father, Mhonbeni received her award from the Prime Minister in New Delhi. She was conferred with a medal, a certificate and the cash reward. Mere symbols in the face of what she’s really earned--the respect and admiration of millions around her.

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