Call To Twitter Bomb Justin Bieber: This Bangalore Orphanage's Kids Just Made This Cover To Find A New Home

Call To Twitter Bomb Justin Bieber: This Bangalore Orphanage's Kids Just Made This Cover To Find A New Home

[Starting at about 11 pm IST today, 70 volunteers from around India are going to Twitter Bomb popstar Justin Bieber in Los Angeles. The aim is to get him to watch a video made by a Bangalore orphanage under the NGO Reaching Hand. Join them by targeting your own tweets to @justinbieber with the hashtag, #homefor500 tonight!] 
We’re all more than familiar with Justin Bieber’s legions of fans all over the world, but these kids really take it up a notch with a music video they’ve made that features them singing, beatboxing, skilfully dribbling a football and hula hooping to their favourite tune ‘As Long As You Love Me’. An initiative of volunteers Jacob Cherian, Davin Lama, and Shaktiraj Jadeja, the impressive skills pulled off by the kids in the video were made possible due to local artists who pitched in with pro-bono workshops for the kids, including the hip hop act, the Low Rhyderz, Gunjan of Fun’damentals, Smita of Lightin’Up.

The kids are in need of housing urgently as they have been asked to leave their current premises, where they stay on rent, within the year. The idea is to make the LA-based popstar watch the music video and help them build a place that they can call a home, where they can reside in at peace. Former employee of Reaching Hand Emily Parkes and Jacob Cherian, meanwhile, had been tweeting at Bieber for quite a while to get him to him to watch this video of his biggest Indian fans but in vain; that’s when Parkes came up with the idea of a large group of people to simultaneously tweet at the popstar - a Twitter bomb, that she’s written about in detail here.


As of now, there are ten groups of volunteers on Facebook, all linked by the hashtag #homefor500-- totaling at over 70 volunteers on Facebook. Each group is captained by one person that is on the “core team”. A captain’s job is to ensure that all his team members tweet on time, as 70 people sending out 15 tweets each would result in a total of 1050 mentions of the #homefor500 campaign, with every tweet targetting @justinbieber .
The traffic on Bieber’s page is ridiculously high though so they’re going to be needing all hands on deck; they need more volunteers to ensure that the Twitter bomb doesn’t get buried, so keep your Twitter-happy fingers ready tonight to help a project that requires 1.5 million USD to house 500 kids, materialise.

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