This Creative Space In Himachal Is Hosting A Writer’s Retreat!

Mudhouse Hostel
Mudhouse HostelRahul Kumar

As a child, there was something purely satisfying about building a sand castle on the beach. As you grow older, sand castles become concrete jungles and you’re thrown into the rat race like everyone else. Tired of this very lifestyle was Rahul Kumar, a freelance videographer, who decided to leave everything behind in Delhi and set up a mudhouse experiential hostel, in Jibhi, Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh. “As I travelled, I realised I was never really happy or satisfied in Delhi. I met all these kind people here and after my third visit, I began asking around about land that I could lease. I wanted something traditional as most homestays or hotels around here are fancy. Hence, I created this little setup for artists only,” he says.

The mudhouse had already been set up previously on the land, so Rahul just focuses on working on the basic renovation and the interiors. It took him about a month, after which the hostel was open for business on September 1. Currently, the Mudhouse is hosting four writers from the ongoing tie-up Rahul has with YourQuote. Not only does the hostel provide one with an ideal escape from the monotonous city life, but it also comes at a fairly decent price! Plus, there’s no shortage of inspiration — right from the company at the hostel to the surroundings. From stargazing, fishing, and exploring Himalayan villages, to treks or lounging by/in the river, the hostel’s location ensures there’s something for everyone.

“If people make an individual booking, I converse with them myself first. I tell them that this space is targeted towards creatives only, understand their purpose and then confirm their booking,” says Rahul on how he confirms his bookings remain true to his hostel’s purpose — to create and collaborate with each other and even with the locals. Considering that the little house will soon be hosting festivals too, we suggest you make your booking now! Rahul recommends visiting during summer (April to June), although they will remain open all year round.

To make your bookings, click here. If you’d like more information on the Mudhouse, click here.

For more information on the writer’s retreat, click here.

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