This Monsoon, Visit A Reverse Waterfall Just 3 Hours From Mumbai

This Monsoon, Visit A Reverse Waterfall Just 3 Hours From Mumbai
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DISCLAIMER: Heavy rains cause landslides in the region. Do not forget to check if the route is open before you plan the trip.

Monsoons in Mumbai can be exhausting. The continuous downpour, the long hauls in traffic, the chaos causing potholes; the city really takes away the fun of the season. But if you are an irritated pluviophile with one last wish of experiencing the rain in all its serenity and uniqueness; then the wish has been granted. There is a spectacular reverse waterfall, hidden away in the Western Ghats; just 3 hours away from Mumbai.

With deep gorges, myriad waterfalls, misty clouds, narrow creeks and a steep drive up through the lush rain-fed vegetation of the Sahyadris, Malshej Ghat, the splendid mountain pass, is full of surprises and makes for a gorgeous getaway. Once up on the flat plateau, the dizzying abyss gives way to a cascading white waterfall that falls over a ridge, allowing strong winds to go behind it and blow it upwards, thus giving rise to the ‘reverse waterfall’; that drenches you to the bones. The view of the verdant valleys, the cool mountain air and the refreshing drizzle makes the captivating experience even more worthwhile.

This fascinating phenomenon occurs only during the rainy season and is not a sight to be missed. Malshej Ghat makes for a scenic three to four-hour drive from Mumbai. If you’re on a budget, then we suggest you take the train to Kalyan, followed by a local ST Bus (check timings in advance) to Ahmednagar which halts at Malshej Ghat. The mountain pass has a variety of flora and fauna and is an ideal place for bird watching. There are some intriguing hill fort treks, however they have been deemed risky in the heavy rains. Camping is unadvisable in the monsoon season, so an excursion to the Malshej Ghat could make for an amazing day trip!

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