This Platform Provides Free Legal Aid For Freelancing Artists & Musicians

This Platform Provides Free Legal Aid For Freelancing Artists & Musicians

Being a creative in the art world could be wonderful as long as you are getting commissioned fairly for the amount and quality of work you do. Legal expertise in writing up contracts between artists and their freelance projects or other important projects might be ignored vowing to be unnecessary or simply too complicated. However, having no contract in place can cause serious problems down the line. Contracts, however, do strongly provide a sense of security.

In a 2011 medium article, the purpose for contracts was outlined as meant to be “the absolute, final, agreed-upon terms of an agreement, which only really become necessary when there’s a disagreement. As such, contracts favor over-inclusiveness because they want to pre-settle disputes before they arise.” The growing creative sectors filled with budding graphic designers or artists who get to do commissioned work need legal protection and safety when the terms of an agreement with their employer are constantly being breached or being taken advantage of.

Contracts for Creators is a wonderful tool to empower creatives all across India. Started by Manojna Yeluri, Mihir Joshi and Ayesha Kapadia, Contracts for Creators is a freely usable resource all creatives need before they begin their professional journeys. Templates are provided for both designers and musicians in the industry who are maybe freelancing their work. According to their website, “Contracts For Creators is a platform that provides contractual information freely for the empowerment of the creative community. We see this as a crucial tool for freshers and professionals to be able to strengthen their professional ties and protect themselves from unethical industry behavior, late payments, unruly clients, etc.”

To acquire a contract template is quite simple, you log on to their website and give them your basic details and you are set to go out in the world prepared for any legal obstacles.

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