This Unique Camp In Coorg Combines Bee Keeping & Elephant Visits

This Unique Camp In Coorg Combines Bee Keeping & Elephant Visits

An astonishing land situated in the lap of southern Indian peninsula, Coorg is known as the “Coffee Bowl” of India. A charming and alluring hill station for travellers adorned with waterfalls, religious places and lands of coffee, it’s economy mainly depends on agriculture, plantations and forestry, apart from tourist related businesses.

One such captivating and fascinating venture that this place offers, is honey tasting. Staring into the depths of the coffee plantations along the countryside, one is often greeted by the humming sounds, coming amidst the coffee bushes. The sound of the hard-working honeybees. The orchards, forests, gardens of Coorg are filled with these buzzing honeybees, sucking nectar and creating the most delicious, pure and fresh honey, famous all over the country. A honey trail through these bee havens, under expert guidance, will let you have an insightful tour about bee-keeping and honey extraction. A detailed knowledge from bee nurturing to production of honey, this tour offers every attribute, including the huge bee hives hanging off the tall trees dripping with honey, the bee boxes in the flower gardens, the life cycle of these tiny but vital creatures and natives describing the painful process of honey extraction.

On the way, one can sample the freshly prepared and best quality of honey, varied in texture, colour and density. Enjoy the unaltered taste and treat your buds with this rich honey. Do pack some back home for this unadulterated and wholesome treat is rare to find.

These miniscule creatures are feared by the largest terrestrial living being on planet earth, the elephants. Feared and worshipped humans for over thousands of years, Dubare Elephant Camp in Coorg offers the chance to interact with these giant beasts. Set on the banks of the river Cauvery, this camp is one of its kinds and one can drive through. Trained under the professional guidance of Naturalists, these elephants are very amenable and one can scrub them, oil them and enjoy their company while understanding the history of this camp. Don’t forget to feed them their favourite snacks of bananas, jaggery, sugarcane and enjoy the ride on their backs while they tour you through the wilderness.

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Other activities like river rafting, fishing, trekking, coracle rides, etc. can be enjoyed simultaneously in the vicinity. Travel agencies like CampMonk, SKYWAY and wandertrails will offer you this experience. Photographs, briefings, detailed itinerary, equivalent cost, and reviews are provided on their individual websites to help the audience in a better way, with other customary details.

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