This Week Slink & Bardot Is Bringing Mumbai Iconic Cocktails From 'The World's Best Bar'

This Week Slink & Bardot Is Bringing Mumbai Iconic Cocktails From 'The World's Best Bar'
Slink & Bardot

This weekend, Slink & Bardot, Mumbai’s intimate hideaway speakeasy, will host a bar takeover by the world-renowned Paradiso, currently ranked #1 on the World’s 50 Best Bars list. This unique collaboration promises to be a spectacular convergence of style, craftsmanship, and innovative mixology.

Slink & Bardot is known for its light and locally inspired cocktails, which highlight seasonal ingredients and utilize natural sweeteners like honey and agave. The bar's cocktail program creatively tells stories from various eras, using modern techniques to enhance classic recipes. Notable for their minimal waste approach, the team at Slink & Bardot maximizes the use of each ingredient, even upcycling peels into gins and transforming pulp into cordial. Their inventive menu also includes a variety of buzz-free drinks that offer the same exotic flavours and presentation as their alcoholic counterparts.

Paradiso, on the other hand, founded by Giacomo Giannotti in Barcelona, is celebrated for its speakeasy style and cutting-edge cocktails. Accessed through a retro fridge door inside a pastrami bar, Paradiso combines traditional elements with a modern twist. Giannotti, who honed his skills in London and Barcelona, infuses each cocktail with deep, complex flavours and artistic presentation. Paradiso's signature cocktails are known for their imaginative narratives and sensory experiences.

This special event at Slink & Bardot will feature Paradiso’s signature creations, bringing the flavours, textures, and stories of Barcelona to Mumbai. Among the special cocktails are:

Atlantide: Inspired by the legend of Atlantis, this cocktail is presented in a sea wave-shaped glass with a hidden city at its base. Made with a white chocolate, lemon, and Salicornia coin, crafted in collaboration with the Roca brothers, Atlantide offers a mystical journey with each sip.

Messenja: Drawing from the Japanese word for 'messenger', Messenja explores the dual nature of the snake;' symbolizing life and infinity. This cocktail balances contrasting cultural perceptions, delivering a harmonious and transformative experience.

Kriptonite: Inspired by electricity and bioluminescence, Kriptonite glows under UV light, thanks to a special B vitamin. This electrifying drink includes a Brazilian flower that creates a unique, tingling sensation on the palate, lighting up the night with its vibrant energy.

Revival Negroni: Paying homage to the mysterious world of mushrooms, the Revival Negroni captures the essence of fungi, which play a vital role in recycling nutrients and connecting the natural world. This cocktail invites you to explore the unknown with each sip.

Join this collaborative celebration of spirits; two nights of extraordinary craftsmanship and unforgettable experiences at Slink & Bardot. Featuring Paradiso's signature drinks crafted by master mixologists Andrea Pagliarini and Matteo Ciarpa, this event is a must for cocktail enthusiasts. In collaboration with Tanqueray India, prepare to be enchanted by bespoke concoctions that tell captivating tales through unique flavors and textures.

Mark your calendar for July 4th and 5th, and don’t miss the chance to witness the magic when two of the world's finest speakeasies come together. There's no better place to be this summer.

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