This Weekend, Explore The Art Of Storytelling With Spoken Fest’s Second Edition In Mumbai

Alok Vaid Menon (L) and Aranya Johar (R).
Alok Vaid Menon (L) and Aranya Johar (R).Alok Vaid Menon (L) and Aranya Johar (R).

The power of poetry is, funnily enough, often untranslatable into words. Once you find a voice that speaks to your bones you feel a chill run down your spine with every one of its syllables. Poetry affects different people in different ways, and can easily do through words what many conversations fail at – it can heal, inspire, enrage and even spark joy in the darkest of spaces inside you. Poets have a special kind of power that allows them to speak to each and every person on an intimate level and keep them hooked, even if it’s a subject you have little-to-no interest in.

There is no dearth of young minds in India pouring out their heart and soul onto the pages of Instagram, ruffling feathers with their views on politics, and inspiring their followers with romantic verses of self-love. Spoken Fest gives these young poets and storytellers a platform to share their work with fellow poetry enthusiasts. Organised by Kommune, SPOKEN 2.0, Spoken Fest’s second edition is here and looks as promising as ever.

“What began as a dream is now a living reality. A place which Spoken word artistes can call their own, that’s what Spoken Fest is. With over 65 performers ranging from Jim Sarbh to Indian Ocean, Prateek Kuhad to Button Poetry to Rahat Indori, traditional storytelling to modern voices. We are a celebration of all things Spoken. In the last year Kommune has helped build the spoken word space with Kommunity weekends in 9 cities, workshops ranging in poetry to writing, and giving artistes unique interactions like the Road trip and Beatmap. We have already had a great response for the festival from our super fans and I am thrilled that Kommune has made this pioneering initiative last year to build a watering hole for the lovers of poetry, storytelling and music. Stories are everywhere, and the best ones are at Spoken,” said Roshan Abbas, who is the festival’s Director and Co-Founder of Kommune.

Date: January 12 to 13, 2018

Venue: JioGarden, BKC, Mumbai

Click here to book tickets and for more information about the festival.

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