Till Apes’ Latest Nine-Part Beat Tape Is Both Inventive & Groovy

Till Apes’ Latest Nine-Part Beat Tape Is Both Inventive & Groovy

Bengaluru-based neo-soul outfit Till Apes is anything but a brick in the wall. The six-member band subverts genres by blending a distinct mix of jazz, funk, R&B and hip-hop in what becomes a sui generis listening experience.

Interestingly enough, the ensemble brings together some of the most exciting independent voices to have emerged in the country in recent years.

The multifaceted group’s music in recent years has consistently been refreshing, non-conformist with an unmissable sense of ingenuity. Ahead of their nine-track EP release along with Mumbai-based label record, Export Quality Records, Homegrown takes a look at what makes this EP disruptive, refreshing, and one that is certainly worth waiting for.

Harnessing on the diversity of talent that lies within the band, Till Apes is branching out into newer, experimental territories with their latest nine-part EP, Till Apes Vol. I. The EP also alternates as a beat tape for MCs to rap over, making it an exciting collaborative initiative to bring together the larger hip-hop scene that is brewing in India.

The beats have been released as reels on Instagram that are made available to be remixed and experimented with by other rappers on the social media platform. The EP has been recorded, mixed and mastered by producer and founder, Amrith Raghunathan and the production is a collaborative effort of Amrith, saxophonist Gautam David and drummer, Sange Wangchuk.

The EP is expected to release on all streaming platforms on the 13th of May, 2022.

To stream the EP, click here.

Follow T.ill Apes’ work here.

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