Top 5 Restaurants For You To Feast At In Southern Sri Lanka’s Ahangama

Top 5 Restaurants For You To Feast At In Southern Sri Lanka’s Ahangama
(L - Sticks Ahangama ; R - Follow The White Rabbit)

[This list has been curated by Abode Ahangama]

If it isn’t for gift of the serene landscapes that have been bestowed upon Ahangama, what keeps the tourist influx soaring is the evergreen and the vibrant food, the glorious food. That’s what keeps ‘em comin’ ladies! Ahangama thrives itself on the fact that it’s a surfer’s paradise, blooming with little cozy cafe’s and dotted with cozy abodes. In today’s pick we’re gonna take you around some of Ahangama’s best eateries.

Citra, is what the tourists consider to be hands down, one of the best restaurants in the Sri Lankan enclave. Just hitch a tuk tuk ride and hop on down to this breezy sheltered gastronomic wonder. The ambiance doesn’t take away nature from your dining experience and doesn’t involve you to be seated inside a concrete box. Best known for their fusion and blend of Mediterranean and Sri Lankan cuisine, including some of the things you’d normally skip like fish shawarma; which happens to be a must try here. What also happens to be mandatory is gorging on other treats and still managing to still save some fair share of space when it comes to trying out their desserts.

Planning on making a trip to Italy, for some authentic Italian cuisine? Well, Italy is picturesque and there’s nothing like it and all – but for now I’d settle for some raw Italian authenticity delivered straight out from the wood-fire oven, straight out of Surfing Wombats! A thin crust pizza with molten gooey scamorza cheese, strewn alongside some fresh basil and mushrooms ought to hit all the right spots. Good news is they’re all about Italy more specifically Italian food, delivering the goods freshly.

Surfing Wombats, Ahangama

This scenic abode/boutique comprises of varied spots to indulge yourself and soak up the sun and its marvellous peachy displays on it’s rooftop cocktail cafe and lighthouse garden cum resto bar. Feel free to get tipsy and then chase all of those alcoholic concoctions down with some decadent treats and finger food that they have lined up to serve you.

The Lighthouse, Ahangama

For starters food at this kooky little beachside spot isn’t solely their unique selling proposition, although their food has earned them a bankable reputation, the White Rabbit has also garnered loads of attention and set tongues wagging with their tropical Sri Lankan cuisines filled with savourily spiced curries and sea food in for the mix. Coming back to the attractions aside from their delicious mix of food is the party centric life that buzzes around in here, they’ll have you agreeing to the fact that they indeed, do know how to throw a sick party.

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