Tracing A Not-So-Fine Line: Why Protecting Women Is Not The Same as Empowering Them

Tracing A Not-So-Fine Line: Why Protecting Women Is Not The Same as Empowering Them
"What are you doing?"
"I dropped some food, I am wiping it off the floor."
"No, no. You are a boy. You can't do all this."
My house. My fault. But someone else will clean it?
Guy Privilege
Guy Privilege'
because they are too precious
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The Protectionism
Ghar main Laxmi hui hain
Aurat ghar ki izzat hoti hain
"Ladki toh ek bojh hain" (A girl is a burden on her family)
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But society also needs to be blamed. Earlier our parents would keep a constant watch on the children. Now, because habits of the city have perforated into the village, girls do what they want to and come and go as they please. We still have certain traditions that we follow. If a married woman doesn’t cover her head or if an unmarried woman applies make-up, we will object. These problems are happening because of women becoming more modern.”  
'guardians of Indian culture
“Look at women these days. Their clothes are getting shorter and shorter. This obviously pollutes the environment,
The Watershed moment
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It could've been us." 
She should die. Who can live after this?" 
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Guy Privilege'
"Mom, dinner!"
"Mom, my clothes"
If we are getting married, why are you naturally expecting that I will take care of everything? I am not satisfied with being a housewife and never will be.
sexual harassment
 "Ghar main Maa, Beti Nahin Hain Kya?" - 
women are human beings too
If we kill a girl child in the mother's womb, then what will happen to the world? If only 800 girls are born against 1000 boys, then 200 boys will remain unmarried. Will the government do this job?
“Beti Nahi Bachaoge toh Bahu Kahanse Laoge?"
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What Now?

8th March shouldn't have to be International Women's Day. Every day should be as much a day dedicated to women, as one for men, or any other living being.

         He for She,

Not because She needs He,

But He is the problem

You Don't See.

 Words: Devang Pathak

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