Treat Yourself At India’s First Homegrown Mental Health & Pet Therapy Café

Treat Yourself At India’s First Homegrown Mental Health & Pet Therapy Café

Due to the pandemic, the dearth of active, new, and unique social experiences has left us craving for something bizarre and out of the ordinary yet still placed within safe and familiar physical settings that allow us to revive our social lives to a certain extent.

As our homes and neighbourhood cafes become our new workspaces, innovators in the F&B industry have taken to the idea of concept cafes to make these experiences all the more holistic and enriching.

While concept cafes have been around for several years, the steady growth in their demand has proven a shift in interest towards experiences that go beyond just good food.

Your Sugar Daddy is one such recent innovation that was launched at Mohali in November this year. A mental health and pet-friendly cafe, Your Sugar Daddy is an innovative concept cafe that is the brainchild of Angel D’souza.

The 21-year old psychology graduate was amongst the thousands who graduated online in 2020. Realising the immediate mental health needs of today’s consumers paired with her passion for baking and entrepreneurship allowed this budding psychologist to launch a physical cafe in 2021.

What’s even better? The cafe is also pet friendly and promotes pet therapy as part of its mental health initiatives and urge customers to spoil their pets with some treaty delights!

Customers are encouraged to discuss their mental health concerns, seek recommendations for therapy and counselling, and also interact with one another if they are comfortable with doing so.

Learn more about Your Sugar Daddy’s initiatives here.

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