Try A German Handcrafted Gin Inspired By Goa & Its Mango Drinks

Try A German Handcrafted Gin Inspired By Goa & Its Mango Drinks

For the past few years, there has been a gin revolution in the works in the country. Now, a new wave of gin is being inspired by the region of Goa. Konkani, handcrafted in Germany is a gin inspired by the goan lifestyle and people. Their philosophy is simple, they wanted to create a drink that has a fruity and fresh flavour with a tart note to celebrate moments of lightness and emotional closeness like when we meet friends after a long day at work and forget the hustle of everyday life. It is that brief moment when time stands still that they wish to celebrate with their fruit distillate.

Konkani, the fruity, light, handcrafted gin finds its roots in the palm-fringed hippie paradise of Goa. In their own words, “What we associate with this place of absolute deceleration, are the incredibly delicious and fruity mango drinks that can be bought on every corner. After our trip to India, this taste experience was the drive for us to transform exactly this summery, fresh, and fruity taste of mango and citrus into something that carries the colourful, light, and at the same time relaxed soul of Goa and gives everyone that ‘short-holiday feeling’. This is how the idea for our full-bodied, fruity gin distillate was born.”

Wondering where the name Konkani came from? Believing language to be the essence of communal living, it only felt right to them to name their drink after the most spoken language of Goa; Konkani. The fruity-tart character of their gin comes from ingredients like mango, tamarind, juniper (which is ideally used for gin), and Litsea cubeba.

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