Try A New Homegrown Gin With A Hemp-Based Twist

Satiwa Gin
Satiwa Gin@satiwagin

India has been experiencing somewhat of a resurgence of gin and tonics lately, with tons of new Homegrown brands coming out with their gin ventures, each with their own signature taste and design aesthetic. From a coffee gin to a blue gin, we have been spoilt for choice in stocking up our gins. The latest to join the gin brigade is Sahil Adwalpalkar with his newest venture, Satiwa Gin, just this year. A London dry gin that is Goan at heart uses hemp as one of its key botanicals, hence the tagline ‘The Happy High Gin.’

Hemp seeds contain only 0.3% or less THC content, making the gin non-hallucinogenic (i.e. you can’t get cross-faded on this). The seeds, which have now featured in tons of food, drink, and even beauty products across the globe, are hailed as a superfood as well as having medicinal properties. They also add a different taste to the gin, making it a distinctly nutty flavour.

Sourced from Uttrakhand, Rohan Barbosa, the Goa-based brand ambassador and mixologist says about the secret recipe, “We wanted a distinctive flavour profile, which is why we doubled down on the use of 100% organic hemp.” In addition to hemp, they use up to ten locally-sourced botanicals to craft their gin, including juniper, orange, black pepper, and cinnamon, all contributing to the gin’s earthy/nutty flavour profile. Light, fruity and floral on the nose, the gin does not require any additional effort in terms of flavouring and works perfectly with a chilled soda or tonic water.

Image Credits: @satiwagin

Crafted at Naveen Distilleries in Margao, the gin retails for INR 1,650 for a 700ml bottle in Goa. The brand launched this year at the end of June and is already available in bars and stores across Goa. Adwalpalkar, who also owns hospitality group Sinq Hospitality, has incorporated the gin into his restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs across the state like SinQ Nightclub, Soro, and the newly-opened Sake in Assagao. He says, “Satiwa is India’s finest hemp-based Gin. The market doesn’t have many hemp-based Gins, so it gives us an edge and a unique factor.” They have plans to expand into major markets like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore soon.

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