Turn To These Vegan Homegrown Condom Brands For Irritation-Free Sex
(L) Salad ; Bleü (R)

Turn To These Vegan Homegrown Condom Brands For Irritation-Free Sex

Condoms can be a dilemma to be dealt with –– often the perfect option for safe sex (prevention of STIs as well as unwanted pregnancies), condoms can actually pose discomfort for many individuals. Irritation, redness, burning and itchiness due to latex or the chemicals used act as a deterrent.

Safety in sex is a primary concern, no doubt, but with many people facing the same issues, there was a need for a solution that did involve the usage of condoms, but of a new kind. Solving this problem for Indians are two homegrown brands that are not solely built for selling condoms, but also to inform, educate and spread awareness on sexual wellness and safe sex –– ‘safe’ in a holistic way, for each individual involved.

The topic of condoms itself seems disturbing to many Indians –– just how can one speak of sex so openly? Even worse so if it’s a woman who does it. Yet, these homegrown condom brands are both founded by women. Doing away with outdated ideas of one-sided contraceptive health, these women bring a holistic approach to the subject –– one where everyone involved in sexual intercourse walks away with a pleasant experience, without any negative impact on their bodies.

I. Bleü

Owner Komal Baldwa herself was the victim of the ill consequences brought about by regualar condoms –– itching, redness and even Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). Realising that 60 per cent of women face similar issues, Komal set out to solve the problem herself.

Bleü condoms are India’s first non-toxic (free of toxin chemicals and carcinogens) and vegan external (usually referred to as male) condoms. These condoms are made from ethically-derived latex from pesticide-free forests.

Bleü is about more than just condoms –– as their website states, they focus on making sexual wellness as important as any other health concern, empower women and encourage autonomy, and also spread information regarding the issues faced post-use of regular condoms.

In addition to this, they also donate 5 per cent of their sales to End AIDS India to help the country fight against HIV.

They currently sell Ultra Thin, Dotted, 3-in-1 (ultra thin, dotted and ribbed), and Spiral (in which the tip is spiral-shaped).

Find Bleü here.

II. Salad

After going through 23 unsatisfactory options of condoms, founder Aruna Chawla had had enough –– the solution to which was creating a whole new product that would cater to the needs for the likes of her. She herself focused on improving condoms –– they are easy to use, effective and affordable.

Salad condoms are vegan-friendly as they are made with natural rubber latex sourced from sustainable forests in India, do not contain harmful chemicals, and are also electronically-tested for long-lasting security.

We wondered the same thing as you –– why ‘salad’? It is called so because of how common the word ‘salad’ is which allows people to be as discreet as they want when they bring up condoms in conversation. The brand follows the same philosophy with their packaging and does not overtly disclose that the box contains condoms.

A brand that stems from a place of sex-positivity, Salad also donates 15 per cent of their profits to help improve sex education in educational institutes in India.

Find Salad here.

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