Two Young Homegrown Authors Created A Living Record Of The Global Pandemic

Two Young Homegrown Authors Created A Living Record Of The Global Pandemic
A World On Hold

The beginning of the year 2022 brought a kind of change that is hard to get rid of. The consequences of the coronavirus spanned all walks of life, sectors of society, and the courage of people across the world.

News reportage continues to bring us information of the devastation of lives, and strides made in medicine, among other statistical knowledge. Young authors Divita Aggarwal and Surabhi Sundaram are offering us a new perspective through their book, A World On Hold, published by Om Books International.

It is a first-of-its-kind documentation of the COVID-19 pandemic and brings together diverse voices to highlight what this difficult period of time meant for several people from various backgrounds. The virus did not impact everyone’s lives uniformly, and this book highlights those very nuances.

“It was more of a responsibility than anything else. Since we were living through the most historic period our generation had witnessed, we wanted to provide authentic documentation that could be used as a reference for future generations.”

— Divita Aggarwal and Surabhi Sundaram, Co-authors, A World On Hold

Having included perspectives from notable individuals like Vidya Balan and Shashi Tharoor among the 20 contributors, the book places the much-needed focus on the stories of those affected most by the pandemic - migrant workers, doctors, cemetery workers, and more.

As young authors, Divita and Surabhi took it upon themselves to convey tales of courage and all things hopeful. A World On Hold is not solely about the pandemic, rather, it is about human lives, their perseverance, and the will to never give up while sometimes accepting loss.

The book will hit the shelves this year.

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