Unusual & Uber Tasty, Your Guide To Mumbai's Fusion Street Eats

Chicken Vada Pav
Chicken Vada Pav

We at Homegrown do fervid research to give our readers the best culinary experiences. Over the months we have covered a range of cuisines and have a fair share of street food too. This time we chose to narrow down the most unusual, intriguing and unconventional fusion street foods of Mumbai that will leave you awestruck, but atleast with a full belly. There are thousands of stalls out there and making a distinct identity through your food is what sets you apart.

We understand that you may be skeptical to try these at first, but we suggest you give your tummy a challenge, it’ll be worth it.

I. Schezwan Dosa @ Ayyappa

Ayyappa has created a bench mark of its own in the street food community. Commonly referred to as the breakfast hub, this place serves a plethora of South Indian snacks. Their dosas have always gained popularity for being wafer thin. The one dosa dish that everybody seems to rage about is their Schezwan dosa. We do agree that this isn’t a distinctive type but the schezwan paste is the hero of this dish. Highly addictive and tongue tantalizing, the real challenge is if you can stop at just one.

Cost: The addiction you won’t shy away from for Rs. 50 only.

II. Noodle Samosa @ Gurukripa s

Gurukripa’s A1 samosas have been legendary since inception. Known as the birthplace of the most widespread, crunchy, mouthwatering aloo samosas, this food joint leaves no stone unturned in terms of innovation and has always been a crowd pleaser. Not too long ago, they released their block buster Chinese samosa filled with noodles and bell peppers, which was an instant hit.The crust of the samosa will be eternally superior, but the filling is not too far behind either.

Cost: This blockbuster explosion is for just Rs. 10.

III. Chicken Vada Pav @ Balamia Lane

The vada pav is a breakfast staple for many office goers who need something quick to gorge into while hanging off the Mumbai local to get to work. But now you can enjoy this breakfast staple with a protein! This unique stall in Mahim sells chicken vada pav that is classified as every meat lover’s delight.

Cost: Get your source of protein @ Rs. 15.

Source: Burrp

IV. White Pasta Pizza Khichiya @Manoj Pasta

Khichiya papad is a popular snack amongst Gujaratis and is also treated as a pizza equivalent. Commonly topped with tomatoes, onions and various masalas, this snack is an open gate to innovation. Manoj Pasta in Cuffe Parade decided to layer his city famous pasta on top of this papad and gave us a dish we can’t seem to get over, the white pasta pizza khichiya.

Cost: Heaven on your plate at Rs. 200

V. Palak Paneer Dosa @ Narayan’s Dosa

We’d like to believe that this dish was a culinary explosion of an overly enthusiastic Punjabi and a slightly reserved South Indian. The palak paneer dosa is the most spoken about dish of this tiny yet dynamic dosa joint.

Cost:All humour aside, this deadly combination of the North and South comes @ Rs. 90.

VI. Pasta Cheese Roll @ Raju Sandwich Stall

Ever had those days of severe food contemplations where on one hand you want to dunk your face into a bowl of gooey pasta but are also lured towards the crispy butter smitten frankie roll? Looks like your prayers have been answered .The much acclaimed Raju Sandwich stall sells a frankie roll stuffed with pasta which has been previously tossed in a lip smacking sauce. We assure you this will satiate both your cravings and is finger licking good.

Cost:This messy affair @ Rs. 50

VII. Idli Sandwich @ Rama Nayak and Sons Udipi

Prepared in idli moulds with the batter, garlic chutney and butter tomato, these crumbed triangular sandwiches have converted every fussy eater’s nightmare into a pleasant enjoyable experience. Rumour has it, this dish works wonders with kids too.

Cost: This pyramid of joy is for Rs. 67

IX. Chakli Paav @ Wadala

The Bombay pav has always been iconic for its soft cloud like mouthfeel and versatility. Street vendors have been in a constant strive to innovate new recipes to showcase the mighty pav, but very few have managed to hit the right chord. One such man is Rajesh Chotani an ordinary grocery store owner with an extraordinary idea. He realized that the honest Indian munchie, the chakli could be the perfect fit. With a generous layer of two very vibrant chutneys, and one wonderfully crispy chakli this combination is bang on. In fact you can add a layer of cheese and get this bad boy grilled and you’re in for a treat.

Cost:This soft crunchy tummy filler comes in various prices
Simple Chakali Pav (1 chakli) – Rs 5
Double Chakali Pav (2 chaklis) – Rs 6
Butter Chakali Pav – Rs 14
Cheese Chakali Pav – Rs 20
Butter and Cheese Chakali Pav – Rs 30.

Special Mention

X. Chinese Bhel @ almost every part of the city

The Chinese bhel is one of the first fusion foods to hit the streets of Mumbai with a revolutionary wave. Sweet, spicy and crispy this snack is every college goer’s favourite. The colour may intimidate you a little but the flavor is unforgettable.

Cost:This tongue teaser costs Rs 10 only.