Unwind At These Unique Cafes & Tea Rooms Across Delhi

Unwind At These Unique Cafes & Tea Rooms Across Delhi
L: Cafe Tesu ; R: The Tea House Project

As so many young individuals today are actively seeking leisure as means of true self-care, many community spaces have now inculcated the concept in their cafes. Especially places such as coffee and tea rooms are now upping their game with a unique focus on special design and curating calming environments. While caffeine has been associated with productivity for so long, such spaces are now reshaping their image in a more comforting light. 

After a good day of work, these spaces are perfect to rewind and relax especially if you are looking for a change of scenery. Combining the aroma of our favourite beverages with lush greenery, libraries, pet friendly zones and more, here are some of the best coffee houses and tea rooms across Delhi. 

I. The Tea Room

A quaint and wholesome setting complemented with refreshing tea and a vast menu, The Tea Room in Hauz Khas is one of the last few places holding onto the old school charm. The charming tea shop is also a book cafe with cozy nooks & corners for reading, overlooking greenery. If you are looking to experiment with unique styles, their options such as aromatic white tea, Darjeeling tea and Assam tea are perfect to choose from. Apart from the stellar tea options some of their bestseller featured items are three bean salads, apple pie and pumpkin soup. 

II. Cafe Dori

A contemporary rustic setting of wooden decor adjacent to a clothing store, Cafe Dori is simply picturesque. Complemented with an open space, it is a pet friendly zone that welcomes your furry friends and even has a special menu for them. The coffee house also has organic options and impeccable caffeine mixes as the gripping aroma takes over the minute you enter their space. Additionally, you can also order authentic European meals that compliment the entire experience. 

III. The Tea House

Specialising in artisanal teas and coffees, their collection of teas are organically produced and carefully crafted straight from some of the richest tea estates of our country. The Tea House Project was ideated with a passion for bringing the best brews to your reach. The philosophy behind their first tea house has been inspired by a sense of humaneness, “We are here for the PEOPLE not just the economy”. The small slow bar is about cosy corners, good music, intense ‘addas’, homely food and some exceptional brews.  

IV. Cafe Tesu

Described as a hidden gem inside Essex Farms, Cafe Tesu has plush interiors and exceptional coffee. The serene environment utilises white architecture and wooden furniture to invite a sense of calmness in the space. They carry a range of hot and cold brews that are sourced from a brand called Devi from Goa. Refraining from using any bottled syrup they infuse the coffees with organic vanilla, dark chocolate, whisky and rum. It is the perfect place to relish the real pleasures of coffee and leisure. 

V. Mister Chai 

Reintroducing the lost charm of old school tapri (tea house) experience, Mister Chai is a first of a kind tea restaurant. Although it is located in an upscale setting inside the Shangri-La Hotel yet it exudes a rustic charm. Playing with street food and unique renditions of Kulhad Chai (served in clay cups) they have created an exceptional menu of humble Indian food such as Kachori, Samosa and Pakoras. Mister Chai is the perfect location for you to revisit cherished memories of childhood and experience street culture. 

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