Upcycle Your Old Footwear With Murtle's Sustainable Model

Upcycle Your Old Footwear With Murtle's Sustainable Model
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While we may have some semblance of where our discarded waste goes, rarely do we ever think about this when it comes to our shoes. Most of them end up in landfills and of course, given their non-biodegradable nature, they remain in those landfills, essentially forever.

Murtle, a homegrown sustainable fashion brand from Hyderabad is changing that. With the aim to keep you updated with fashion trends without carrying the guilt of you contributing to a landfill, a result of the ever-changing fashion seasons. They allow you to upcycle any brand of footwear so that you can put them back in use and have cork shoes with changeable straps to go with your various outfits. They also claim to be the only manufacturers of the world’s first fully modular footwear.

Founded by Shashank Pawar, Murtle started as a project that would be both unique as well as sustainable. After initial experiments, he eventually set up a process that would be sustainable through and through, right from dyeing to finishing. Hence all their products are handmade, including even the straps of the footwear that are hand embroidered, hand painted, or hand-stitched; ensuring that the development of the product is sustainable from the grass root level.

Apart from footwear, they can also help you upcycle your old unused clothes or stained shirts or kurtis; recycling them in order to give a new lease of life to your clothes.

The brand also employs skilled artisans like the paint artists from Chittoor and workers from Agra to keep their artisanship and craft alive and viable. They source their fabrics directly from Mangalagiri and Gujrat, the leather from Chennai and the plastics from Hyderabad.

Through recycling, as well as their upcycled footwear, Murtle embodies all that a forward-thinking and broad-minded homegrown brand should be. What may seem like just another footwear brand is actually a way to empower communities, give them their due integrity, and keep in mind that we ultimately owe the environment kindness.

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