Varun Grover’s Coming-of-Age Comic Karejwa Gives A Child’s Perspective On An Impending Apocalypse

Varun Grover’s Coming-of-Age Comic Karejwa Gives A Child’s Perspective On An Impending Apocalypse


Duniya khatam hone waali hai!

Most religions around the world have a set of eschatological beliefs relating to doomsday and the predictions related to its likely arrival. Stuck in limbo with no conclusive idea about the beginning or the end, the human mind has often tried to make sense of the world by harping on its imagination. In doing this, it has resorted to several mythical notions of the doomsday and the downfall of humanity. The Bible’s Book of Revelation, the Gita, as well as the ancient Mayan calendar amongst others, have formulated elaborate views around the end of the world and the human civilisation. These stories have been imagined as tying the loose ends, the limits of human logic.

Pintu, the child-protagonist in Bakarmax Private Limited’s new comic, Karejwa, believes that there is only one hour to go for the world to end. From within the safe confines of his home, the little boy peeps over the walls to look for ominous signs and events. He was probably warned about the incident from the speculative news coverage of an asteroid hitting the Earth within half an hour. With only half an hour left for the world to end, Pintu only wants one thing for himself — a sweet, hot, melt-in-your-mouth, gulab jamun. The comic, originally written and published in the children’s magazine Chakmak

in 2015 and now adapted as a webcomic by Bakarmax, takes you through the life of the child protagonist and his journey to fulfill his last wish amidst an imminent apocalypse.

The comic has been written by standup comic, poet, screenwriter and lyricist, Varun Grover, illustrated and adapted by Ankit Kapoor, and edited by Sumit Kumar.

The comic goes live on 27 June, 2020.

You can access the Karejwa comic here.

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