Vicri Is Reviving Repurposed Garments With Evocative Storytelling

Vicri Is Reviving Repurposed Garments With Evocative Storytelling

Although hand-painted clothes are becoming increasingly popular, we focus on spotlighting the artists and designers working towards making art an immersive experience. It is evident that the fashion industry seems to be embracing a thoughtful, meditative reprieve from the fast fashion bandwagon.

Whilst painterly textiles and accessories are now commonplace, it is not often that one spots an amalgamation of repurposed fabrics and a mélange of artistic designs. Rejecting the universe of machine-printed fashion is Vicri, a homegrown label rejoicing in the beauty of masterful strokes and delicate designs on thrifted or repurposed garments.

With Victor’s minimalist taste and Rishi’s maximalist approach, the duo opts for a tasteful approach to designing, one that breathes a new life into repurposed garments imbibing them with the magic of storytelling and distinct style of hand-painted motifs.

Taking us through the ideation process, the Rishi reveals every piece undergoes a month of brainstorming, layout designs, and alterations before making the final cut. With a zero-waste policy, Vicri garments are all a product of thrifted and up-cycled fabrics.

While the first few designs were born out of experimentation, the labels’ fashion font has evolved into rich symbolic interpretations of life and naturistic elements representing man’s inner struggles along with vivid compositions representing the cyclical nature of life and much more.

Think modern silhouettes meeting renaissance art featuring whimsical frames housing angels, chandeliers and scorpions. All in all, Vicri brings a ‘life imitates art’ narrative to the fashion that seems refreshing and ethically sound for a buyer base looking to hone a conscious closet.

View the label here.

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